KRAs for You


I need you to set your KRAs and send them to me by Monday morning.



Saturday 05:20 am

There goes my weekend…


*KRA stands for Key Responsibility Areas – goals to be achieved for the year. These directly follow from job description of a person and represents the areas in which he or she is expected to perform. 


I always hated Homework

Weekends are my days to recuperate from the chaos of the week.

Weekends are to wake up without an alarm clock, unwind, relax, spend some quality time with my kids, go for a walk in the park, tinker around the house, do a few of the pending household chores, have my baby girl drop off to sleep on my chest in a siesta after lunch,

Not bloody write KRAs.


I always hated exams

I thought I was free of exams after school…

 But Tina has brought back the old exam fever in full force

This KRA setting business brought back the same old feeling….

Clammy hands, cold wet sweat on my forehead, knots in my stomach….

And the dread… Am I going to make it?

‘Stop being such a sissy’

These torturing words rose up from my mind, and tore through my heart…

Words I had heard ever since I was little … ‘Stop being such a wuss, you cry baby…’

Made me feel I ashamed, guilty and undeserving …

Do they think I CHOOSE to feel this fear? This anxiety? This panic? This fright?

No, No, No, No! This just won’t do!

“I’m sorry Ron, this JUST won’t do! You have to push yourself.

Honestly, These KRAs are just not acceptable” …. Tina’s voice screeched on the phone.

She kept talking…. but i wasn’t listening…

Oh God! I’m going to lose my Job! I’m going to be unemployed, destitute, on the road, begging for scraps… My mind raced, throwing up visions of a dark future … worse than death.

I prayed  – God! Take me now! End this misery! I am pushing so HARD – and it’s still not enough. I’m tired! Let me Sleep – permanently.

My vision blurred… I felt dizzy… everything went blank.

I barely managed to say … “Sure Tina, I’ll try again…” … before she hung up.

Fear of Redundancy

The threat of losing my job felt Very, Very Very Real.

The conversation with Tina, was being magnified by my mind with what I was reading in the news everyday … how many $$$$$ millions are invested in a new tech ‘Unicorns’ … sending stock markets soaring …

How Artificial Intelligence and robotics is replacing thousands of costly human beings resources, with machines that work 24/7 and don’t take vacations or the weekends off.

1200, 2000, 1500 people lost their jobs to automation… Read the headlines…

A McKinsey study compared the Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century with AI’s disruption of society – saying the AI Revolution is happening 10 times faster and at 300 times the scale –  That’s 3000 times the impact! This rapid progress in the AI revolution raises the questions: Will we be able to adapt at this speed? Will the human race survive?

and will I be able to put food on the table…?

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates Warn About Artificial Intelligence