Meditation for Busy People: Facing your Fear


“And I tell you that even negative emotions are good, if real; and if they are real, by and by, their very reality transforms them. They become more and more positive and a moment comes when all positivity and negativity disappears. You simply remain authentic: you don’t know what is good and what is bad, you don’t know what is positive and what is negative. You are simply authentic.”


Osho suggests you can sit in your room with the lights off and do this technique at night. 


Step 1: Imagine the Worst.  15 mins

Sit in the dark and for the first few minutes think of all kinds of horrible things—whatever creates fear in you. Become really shaken up by your own imagination: imagine ghosts, demons.  Imagine that they are killing you, trying to rape you, imagine you lost your job, no money, you are dying, your lover betrayed you….. Get into the fear as deeply as possible and whatever happens, go into it.

After you go into your fear whatever position you like you can take it. Or making sounds: crying, moaning, screaming.


Step 2: Gibberish.  5 mins

Stand up, do gibberish shaking away this fear and move the body.

This releases the pent up extra energy (which is judged as negative) from the body

Step 3: Accept Fear.  10 mins

Sitting. Accept whatever is there.

“In the daytime or any other time, whenever fear arises, accept it. Don’t reject it; don’t think that it is something wrong that you have to overcome. It is natural. By accepting it and by expressing it at night, things will start changing.” – Osho

This can be done any time of day and then repeated at night.

Step 4. Sit silently.  10 mins

Some suggestions – watch your breath, chant a mantra in your mind, meditate on God, Meditate on your self, listen to ALL the sounds around you without focusing on any one in particular, think peaceful thoughts…

Just a reminder that the mind creates it’s own reality …


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