Thought Virus

A virus has no self sustaining capabilities of its own. In order for it to live, it needs to hijack another life-system. It takes control and reproduces itself over and over at the expense of its host causing deisese and sickness. In the same way, human consciousness is infected with a thought virus. 

One hundred years ago, it is estimated that the average human had approximately 5000 thoughts per day. Today, it’s up to 50,000. Just observe yourself, doesn’t it seem as though you are always searching for something to keep the mind occupied – to keep the thought process going? Isn’t there something unsettling about this? And now we live in the information age. The species is sick and we hardly notice. 

An antidote is to suspend this process and transcend the mind, not by reading or following scriptures, but by direct experience in a thought-free state.

– Roy Dopson


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