The Struggle is Real

i am not ok

i am feeling very low

i am not able to figure out why i am feeling low

i am not able to figure out What is the danger?

i am tired

My fears are in my head – but the Struggle is Real.

I am tired of struggling with my own negative interpretations and perceptions

My mind tries to figure out the reason I am feeling low, and sends these thoughts and images as probable reasons.

These thoughts and images of probable reasons, are believed in and thereby magnify the feelings.

seeing a rope in dim light and not recognizing it as a rope, a person mistakes it for a snake which he has seen elsewhere. The snake is not absolutely unreal, because it is actually experienced, and produces the same effect, such as fear and so on, as a real snake would. At the same time, it is not real, because it is no longer seen when the rope has been recognized – Adi Shankara


I sometimes I wish I had an excuse for feeling so low… but i don’t have one – and yet i feel like this.

I am disappointed in myself.


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