A Living Hell

Breathing is shallow…

Palms are sweaty..

Forehead is is cold and clammy …

Heart is beating fast…

Mind is racing….

Visions of ‘a Living Hell’ fill my awareness  –

  • Being Fired
  • Social Shame
  • Unemployment
  • Destitution
  • Family Shame
  • Living on handouts

Reading the News – every horrible thing I read … I can see happening to me –

  • An article of an emaciated man discovered dying in his house with the corpse of his wife – they did not have enough to eat…


  • A picture of a father carrying his baby daughter’s lifeless body from outside a hospital … where she had died on its steps … As he did not have enough money to cover her treatment.


Seeing destitutes, begging at the side of the road – torn, tattered clothes, small children sitting in the gutter, lying in the filth while their mothers beg from car to car, with an unconscious baby tied to their breast.

This can happen to me…


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