Imagination – the blessing that became a curse

“Ron has a wonderful imagination, he is extremely creative, passionate and energetic, with a bit more effort he can become much better.”  – This was what my teachers said for most of my years in school.

I read a Lot! I searched for answers to relieve my anxiety, anywhere that promised to provide them. 

My favorite was the great science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, he gave a glimpse into the future… What to expect… Where we would go… What we could become…

Little did I realize that what he said about AI and Robotics, would start happening so quickly… And that too without the safety net of his 3 Laws of Robotics…

I would get lost in the characters, in the worlds created by my imagination… Through my imagination, I would live, breathe and feel everything the character would go through. Every high, every low, every desire, every fear… I would feel viscerally.

I would personalize everything that happened in the book, I would imagine, what if I had a robot bard? Or a robot partner? 

I felt I was going through all the exciting adventures, trials and tribulations, safe in the knowledge, that it was just a work of fiction… And the hero would come out tops in the end.

But Tina was not a work of fiction… And the trials were real… And I did not know if I would come out tops

My imaginations rode wild across my bleeding heart … 


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