No, No, No, No! This just won’t do!

“I’m sorry Ron, this JUST won’t do! You have to push yourself.

Honestly, These KRAs are just not acceptable” …. Tina’s voice screeched on the phone.

She kept talking…. but i wasn’t listening…

Oh God! I’m going to lose my Job! I’m going to be unemployed, destitute, on the road, begging for scraps… My mind raced, throwing up visions of a dark future … worse than death.

I prayed  – God! Take me now! End this misery! I am pushing so HARD – and it’s still not enough. I’m tired! Let me Sleep – permanently.

My vision blurred… I felt dizzy… everything went blank.

I barely managed to say … “Sure Tina, I’ll try again…” … before she hung up.


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